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Suicide is everyone’s business; it does not discriminate.
Our construction industry is losing nearly one person every week to suicide. 98% of those we lose are our men.

The MATES programme builds and strengthens workplace communities and across the industry – helping our people support and provide an environment that encourages positive wellbeing. The impact of this community-based approach then goes beyond the workplace and into our everyday lives.

MATES engage with workers through on-site training and provides those identified as at risk with case management support that connects them to suitable professional support. MATES Field Officers are trained in suicide intervention skills and have experience in the Building and Construction Industry. This allows our Field Officers to engage easily with the workers on-site.



Construction workers are 6 x more likely to die from suicide than an accident at work. –  SEE THE RESEARCH

We raise awareness, deliver on-site programmes and inform the industry through research. –  WHAT ARE WE DOING?

We take action by connecting workers to help, and creating stronger, more resilient worksites. –  GET INVOLVED

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