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The Ministry for Pacific Peoples is the Crown’s principal advisor on policies and interventions aimed at improving outcomes for Pacific peoples in New Zealand.

We work across government to coordinate and leverage investment in Pacific priorities, to ensure it addresses need and delivers on outcomes.

Guided by Pacific values, we are focused on these key areas of work:

    • Policy advice – we provide expert policy advice and analysis to Ministers and other agencies aimed at improving outcomes for Pacific peoples.
    • Targeted interventions – we co-design and deliver interventions that address need and the drivers of Pacific progress, through housing and infrastructure, education and employment, economic development, and the workforce.
    • Data and insights – we are building capability to ensure planning and decision making for Pacific communities is based on accurate data and insights, and the performance of the system is monitored and reported on.
    • Partnerships – we build and maintain relationships with Pacific communities, with relationship managers engaging at regional level to ensure their needs and perspectives inform our advice across government.
    • Languages and identities – we work towards the protection and promotion of Pacific languages, cultures and identities, supporting the wider public service to recognise the importance of Pacific cultural diversity, inclusivity and respect.
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